The Expo

We arrived to Spring Lake on Friday evening. On Saturday, I grabbed one of the communal bikes and hit the road. I pedaled towards Oceanport, the location of the NJ marathon expo. At mile 1 of my trip, there was a detour due to a bridge construction. The detour was for cars, no note posted for bikers or walkers. That was strange for this recreational area. I hope they’ll finish the construction before the summer season. Traveling North was against a head wind and together with detour took me 1:45 and I estimate 12 to 13 miles. The expo was very small which had its advantages.

There were no direct outlets of major sporting brands, just local specialty retailers offering running shoes, apparel, and accessories at excellent discounts. Something for everyone, winter and summer clothes, Saucony apparel and shoes, Asics shoes, PowerBar, Gu, and The Stick are the items that remained in my mind.

I stopped at a presentation of Aline, company selling sport insoles. I am overpronating and anything that deals with aligning a foot in the shoe catches my attention. I strongly believe in adjusting the posture so I use Superfeet blue insoles now. Aline is basically offering the similar product for twice as much. Nevertheless, I plan to get a pair and test it. I’ll write a review about it.

After spending 20 minutes at the expo, I headed back to Spring Lake. I used longer, but nicer course mostly along the coast. Traveling South was faster, as I was pedaling with the wind. I didn’t get lost so 11 miles is the probable distance. Total of 23 to 24 biked miles on Saturday.