The race took place in the Central Park, NY and it was organized by New York Road Runners. The weather couldn’t be better. The temperature was 65°, but bearable humidity and overcast. I set my watch to beep 6:03 apart—now I don’t know why. The pack started slowly clockwise around the park. I liked the slow pace, keeping mine at 6:15, a little faster down the hill and slower up the hill. I like this strategy I started at the Boston marathon in April. I just wonder if I slow down too much when running uphill.

I ran faster the second half of the race. I didn’t find a runner who would run in my pace. They were either slowing down or zooming by me too fast to try to hook up with them. I felt great after the race. It was my fastest 10K ever with age graded efficiency of 77%. Whatever that means. It’s the highest percentage I have ever achieved with NYRR.