I drove myself to the race, as my wife is expecting a baby on June 3rd. Usually, she accompanies me and we have a brunch together after the race. At this point, any commotion is tiresome for her and a vision of waiting somewhere for me 2 hours in the heat is even more discouraging. I was lucky and found an available spot just next to the Prospect Park wall near the entrance. For once I arrived ahead of time and had time to get the runner’s packet, bib, and T-shirt and return to the car.

I attached the chip ring, bib, and greased my toes—the usual procedure before a long run. The organizers, New York Road Runners moved the start line to a different location this year. One path up from the previous year. I think it was a good decision. As we were looping around, we were not bumping to slower runners on the second loop as much as the previous year. I also appreciated the small trucks hauling our belongings from the start to the finish. It was great, as I had to use the subway to get back to my car. I checked in a bag with 3 bucks for the subway and a Tee to change to after the race and went off to the start.

I set my goal to finish in 1:21, or 6:11 pace. The temperature was high, but not as high as during the last Brooklyn Half Marathon. The humidity was also lower. It looked like I could expect an ideal race. I started slowly, timing split miles, although not very accurately. I kept forgetting to push the button at the mile markers. Early into the race it was clear that I won’t be able to maintain the set pace. The hills were tougher than I thought and I couldn’t make the lost time up running downhill.

I was feeling comfortably, so the slower than expected pace surprised me. Then, around mile 7, I experienced a crisis. My mind was telling me run faster, but I couldn’t move my legs any faster. I was breathing all right, but my legs were like an aplomb. That feeling lasted till mile 10. After that I regained composure and ran to the finish in a faster pace, finishing 4 min. faster that last year. I was evidently tired after Susan Komen 5K and Healthy Kidney 10K. This was the 3rd consecutive weekend of racing and my body was signaling it needed a rest.