Start of the raceThe Malverne 5K run for education took place on Sunday, Oct. 16. I run it every year. The race is organized by the local Rotary club, Fitness Education Foundation, and Malverne school district. The weather was by far the best I remember. Sunny but runner-friendly, around 55°. That’s why I was surprised when I learned there were under 100 finishers only.
This Sunday marked my last day of Marine Corps marathon hard training. Beginning tomorrow, I start to taper (watch TV and eat cookies). So I didn’t have any expectations about my performance. We started at the usual location, Herber middle school, then continued on Rolling St., and crossed the Lakeview Ave. Then the course took a one block detour from the previous years. The rest of the course was the same, including the U-turn at the northern tip of Langdon Blvd. which is always unmarked and never the same. Each group of runners turns there at a different point. Just 3 cones would solve the problem.
At the mile 1 mark, I saw 5:45 on the display and thought I would die soon. The race leading runner disappeared already in winding streets and the second guy was about 30 m ahead of me. I tried to stay with him as close as possible. You never know what could happen. The mile 2 mark, I passed at 11:45. The guy ahead gained few more meters on me. Then, he started slowing down and I saw my opportunity to get to him and pass him. I finally reached him at the 2nd U-turn on Langdon Blvd. We lost few moments asking an aid where we should turn. We turned together, I passed the guy and sped away from him. I just passed the mile 3 mark at 17:45 when I heard someone sprinting behind me. I turned my head back and saw the guy getting fast up to me. I tried to sprint to the finish, but he out kicked me. I didn’t have anything left after chasing him the entire 2nd mile.