Relay for Life, event for a good cause

American Cancer Society organized one of their signature events, Relay for Life, for the first time in Malverne. The event was coordinated by the school district and took place on the Malverne HS track. I am always fan of local events, especially when they are sport- or health-related. I registered a team thinking other CYO member families would join me and my family. We would bring a table, refreshments, and socialize, while the kids would have blast.

Well, nobody joined the team. We met other CYO coaches with their own kids. Evidently, we didn’t coordinate. Nevertheless, all kids were really thrilled by the illuminations. My older one stood in front of the podium and clapped to the rhythm of the reproduced music. The younger one has never seen such a big crowd before, so he was wandering around groups of people thoroughly observing them. Both of them got tired fast. We left just before their evening meltdown.

This introductory Relay for Life event didn’t attract a huge crowd, but it is understandable. Next year, it needs more publicity, better CYO coaches coordination, and better weather forecast, too. I guess many registered participants didn’t show up because of the weather. I am looking forward to participate again.