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Important notes regarding the meets at Mitchel field:


The CYO holds the meets on two different nights. One for grades K–3 and the other for grades 4–8. The runner who could not make the scheduled Finals, should not participate in the qualifier. Clean uniforms represent the team. Runners need to tie long hair in a pony tail and remove earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. (Post earrings are fine). Spikes are not allowed. Building the teams for the qualifier has a different philosophy. While we try to build evenly strong teams for the parish meets, here we build the strongest team and then the second and third.

Parents are not allowed in the infield. Use a sunblock and apply it on ears, too. Mitchel Field is open to the breeze coming from the ocean. When you arrive at 5:30, it may be hot, but after the sun sets behind the horizon the temperature may drop significantly. Bring a jacket (windbreaker) and long sweat pants. The event may go till after 9 p.m. Stop feeding your runner 1.5 hour before the competition. Bring snacks (nutri bars, etc.) and water.


See above regarding the qualifier. Only those who qualify (place 1-3) from the qualifier, will run in the Finals.