OLL Malverne CYO New Program

I simply have too many hobbies and I neglect one because of another. I publish mostly on my other site that is dedicated to education and don’t have time for this site. There has been few road races I participated in and haven’t reported on yet. But I can’t pass the opportunity to report on the cross country team I coach.

Our Lady of Lourdes CYO expanded its already broad list of sport programs by launching a cross country team this fall season. The program started in July. So we are now in the 3rd month of training and the results are remarkable. The participants greatly improved their overall physical condition. While they were able to run continuously about 300 meters at the beginning, they are now able to run 1.5 mile without a break, including the 7-year olds. That is the goal. The competitive meets complement the program as a frosting on a cake.

The Nassau/Suffolk CYO doesn’t organize cross country meets. All teams, including those from Nassau and Suffolk compete in meets organized by the Brooklyn/Queens diocese. Our team participated in the first meet of the season,¬†held in the Alley Pond Park on September 29. Compared to other teams, ours is really small. But they already have several years of existence ahead of us. I captured few moments from the meet. In the video, look for all-yellow uniforms. These are our team members. There is also a snapshot inserted in the video to better spot a team member who has the traditional OLL track uniform (white top/blue bottom).