jan in auburn 5kDuring the spring break, we visited our family in Auburn, AL, and there was an inaugural 5K taking place (3/30/2013). The college kids organized the race as a fundraiser for Make-a-Wish Foundation at the campus of Auburn University.

Although I already met my quota for one race a month by running the Suffolk half marathon a week ago, I registered for this run as well. My wife decided to join me and ran it as her training run. The field size was typical for an inaugural run, plus during a spring break. The participation was rather small. I counted around 50 people gathered at the start, including 2 kids, approximately 8-11 years of age. I admit I wouldn’t voluntarily sign up for running 5K when I was of their age. They looked pretty happy when arriving to the finish line.

After I finished, I ran back to accompany my wife in her last stretch of the course. We had a good time. She felt great, didn’t suffer from any pain. The course was far from our typical flat Long Island terrain. It was winding up and down on rolling hills of the streets surrounding the campus. It added about 2.5 minutes to my time I usually reach on a flat terrain.