Winter Race

Long Beach Snowflake T-shirtLong Beach was severely hit by hurricane Sandy and I wanted to contribute by participating in a race there. I got the opportunity in February. Although, I ran this race just to test my ability, as I was struggling with some cold that later, in December, transformed in a sinus infection. I was recovering most of January, but not fast enough to participate in the Charleston Marathon which I wanted to run on the eve of my 50th birthday. So in January, I didn’t fulfill my one-race-a-month resolution. At the end of February, I finally felt strong enough to run a race so I picked the Snowflake 4-mile run. The weather was cooperating, although the wind was stronger than I would like. The temperature climbed just above my threshold (40°) to wear the shorts.

The field was quite good for February. The first 2 miles were against the wind, so I wasn’t surprised that my pace was slower than usual. Yet, when running with the wind I didn’t improve my pace. The time was only negligibly better on those remaining 2 miles. I was not fit yet. I didn’t have energy nor spring in my legs. But I didn’t expect I would be so bad.