heart & sole 5k run in plainviewAn Uneventful Event

The Heart & Sole 5K run in Plainview was one of the events that was completely uneventful for me. Usually, I go through some moments that I could later comment on. At the Belmont Stakes Blue Ribbon 5K run in June, I wasn’t ready to compete, so I just observed the the organization of the inaugural event that promoted the fight against the cancer and urged the participants to contact our representatives so they don’t support a bill that would discontinue prostate cancer screening being covered by the health insurance.

On the other hand, I was very ready to compete at the Kiwanis 5K run in Levittown few weeks later. I ran shoulder to shoulder with two other guys. We even uttered few friendly words, since we were not racing in the same age category. My daughter, being home from the college, ran also. And we both commented on how much we enjoyed that 5k run of about 150 finishers.

This 5k run in Plainview was different. When the crowd dispersed, after about half mile and the order of runners was established, that was it for me.  No fierce competition, no pain, no drama. I just ran, occasionally changing cadence, or posture, recalling the last group clinic on Tuesday that was led by the New Balance tech rep Harry Norton. I needed to kill those 18+ minutes it took me to finish the race.

The Heart & Sole 5k run is organized to raise awareness and knowledge around congenital heart defects as well as provide support to heart survivors and their families. The event was well organized. Since I am an early bird, I would prefer the run to start at 8 instead of 9, but it’s only 5K anyway. I always enjoy and can’t resist the great All Round Foods muffins. If it were advertised in the registration, I would be choosing only the runs offering these muffins.