Since St. Boniface’s and Sacred Heart track meets took place the same weekend, I planned to recap both in one post. But this track meet was so special that it deserved a separate post. As the OLL Malverne team participated in St. Boniface’s track meet in 2010, we knew that the event organizers always had unconventional order of disciplines and unconventional distances, too. Four disciplines of 400 m were followed by four disciplines of 800 m and the relays intertwined with individual runs. The table shows the breakdown of placements in the afternoon program. There were less schools with less runners participating in this event as it was canceled and then reinstated. The afternoon program didn’t start very well.

boniface track meetThe organizers decided they wouldn’t be using the finish line ribbon because of the safety. But they didn’t tell anybody and there was nobody beyond the finish line to stop the runners. So, the confused runners continued to run past the finish line looking at each other, no one wanting to stop running first. It took them extra 50 meters before they finally stopped. The finish line officials were evidently confused as well. After a minute or two of a discussion a volunteer was placed past the finish line and was stopping the runners. In the 2nd race there was still some dilemma, but the 3rd race was already OK. Several OLL Malverne track team members were eager to compete in individual runs despite their participation in the Sacred Heart track meet on the following day. Although the OLL Malverne teams ran only 10 heats (see the table), the event was one of the longer track meets of the season. It ended at 5 p.m.

Placement 1 2 3 4 5
Count 4 4 0 1 1

The table doesn’t include the individual runs and dash races.