Update July 29: The group will continue to meet on Fridays throughout August.

The post has been updated on July 7. Please, note that the group meets on Fridays at 7 p.m. until further notice.

Summer Physical Activity

The activity is building on the CYO spring track and complementing other summer activities. Each session, 30 minutes long, is open to everybody, is noncompetitive and non-intimidating. Compared to individual exercise the group activity is more motivating for kids as well as adults. We’ll meet at the Malverne HS track* early morning (5:45) or in the evening (7:00) once a week. You’ll determine the day and time by filling out the form below.

For Kids

During the session the kids will socialize with their peers and parents, learn how to run efficiently, strengthen body core, and stretch muscles. They’ll be in a great shape for the Malverne 5K run-walk that will take place on October 14 and include shorter kids races this year. Subconsciously, they’ll be forming their life style.

For Adults

During the session the adults will socialize with their peers, observe the kids group dynamics, interact with them, and gradually improve their own physique. Some will walk, others will keep up with kids and, eventually, will also participate in the Malverne 5K run-walk in October.

Important Note

The summer sessions are NO fee, NO registration, and NO drop-off.
The sessions are early and late in order to limit the effect of heat and assure you have time to participate either before or after your work. Your filling out the form will give me an idea for the schedule. I am available on the days indicated in the form and based on your interest I’ll pick the day and time most suitable to the majority of respondents. The selected schedule will be in effect for the rest of June and in July. In August, my availability may change. See you soon!

* Alternate location is the track of the Valley Stream North HS.

Please, select your preferable day and time.
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