OLL meet 2012 insertOn Sunday, May 20, the OLL Malverne track team, part of CYO Nassau/Suffolk, hosted the home track meet. It took place on the Malverne high school track for the 3rd time since the track has been renovated. This year, the surrounding fields were also renovated, as was the infield, where the artificial turf was installed, and parents were able to watch the competitions from the newly constructed bleachers.

The morning program for kids of ages ranging from Kindergarten through 3rd grade was delayed for about half an hour due to the parkway closure. Some teams would not be able to arrive by 9 o’clock. Nevertheless, the program ended on time without canceling any discipline, thanks to a great coordination of all who were moving the runners around the track and the field.

After a short lunch break, 800-meter run opened the afternoon program for kids of grades 4 through 8. The advantage of this distance compared to a 1-mile run is that even the 4th and 5th graders have no problem participating in it. The unscientific data recording revealed, the OLL Malverne track team (grades 4–8) participated in 27 relays. Their results are broken down in the table below.

Placement 1 2 3 4 5
Count 14 5 4 2 2

The table doesn’t account for the 800-meter and dash races.

The program continued smoothly the whole afternoon despite the insufficient number of volunteers walking kids to individual relay legs. Those who kicked their butts off deserve a big thank you. Events such as this would not take place, if individuals were not offering their time to various causes. Most volunteer recruits were parents accompanying their children, but there were also parents who stayed during the whole day and there was a parent-volunteer who no longer had her child enrolled in the program at all.

There were significant improvements added to the event this year in the form of new, spacious bleachers, recycling bins, and clean restrooms. The benefit of using the school restrooms is clear to every user and the OLL Malverne track team cut the cost off of organizing the event. The Earth benefited from the recycling bins. Roughly, only one out of every 5 bottles went to a landfill. The event organizers shared their feedback and are already planning adjustments for the next May, 2013.

See the photo gallery below. Check the post again in few days, as more photos may be added from different sources.