holy family track meetThe Holy Family CYO track meet took place at the Hicksville HS on May 26. The temperature climbed very high for the afternoon program, but the runners of the OLL Malverne team were eager to compete and didn’t want to skip a single discipline. They ran altogether 22 relays. The table below shows breakdown of the teams placements. The long run that usually opens the session wasn’t on the agenda, so the event proceeded immediately with relays. The Hicksville HS uses the same type netting that separates the field from the track, as the Malverne HS uses, except theirs can be taken down in individual sections. It helped clerking and movement of runners.

The table shows placements of the OLL Malverne teams in 22 relays in the afternoon program.

Placement 1 2 3 4 5 6
Count 11 4 3 2 1 1

The table doesn’t account for dash races. The Flyers, year-round team, participated in this meet.

The placements of individual teams were less important though. The more significant was the fact that some kids showed a truly textbook quality of baton hand-offs. It starts clicking. Unfortunately, the season’s end is approaching.