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malverne cyoIn 2011, the American Cancer Society introduced one of their events, Relay for Life, to Malverne. Such events take place across the globe. They raise the cancer awareness and support research. And they are fun to do with kids, as they are thrilled to watch the illuminations. Please, read make yourselves familiar with the organization and forms of participation. We took part in the event as a family and met several CYO sport coaches who were also participating with their families. This year, when the OLL Malverne CYO asked me if I would be willing to take care of registering a single team for all Malverne CYO sports, I accepted.


Malverne Relay for Life

The Malverne event starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 4. The participants don’t have to be there for the entire event. There is no running or relay required. You can also participate just by contributing to the OLL Malverne team without being present at the event.


OLL Malverne CYO Participation

In terms of organization, I plan to register the OLL Malverne team under a simple title Youth Against Cancer. Before I do so, I need to know is if you are interested in participating in the event or contributing to the team. If yes, I need you to submit your email address, so I can communicate with you, participant, to discuss details later. The message you are reading now went to all CYO members, past and present, and you cannot reply to it. By submitting your email address you are not registering for the event yet. You will register directly with the Relay for Life after I create the team. There are 2 possible forms of participation, physical at the event, or financial contribution. I need your response before the school goes in recess.


 Expression of participation/contribution form

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