Another track season is coming! The spring-like weather during the past winter months would have allowed us to hold the practices all year round this year. Yet, the children need variety of activities, so they need to ski, too, and not only run. Each activity broadens their experience.

One of such enriching activities is planned for grades 1-3 on March 4th. The CYO Nassau-Suffolk reserved the indoor track at the St. Anthony school in Huntington (map) for two preseason track meets. The 2nd meet, for grades 4-8 will take place on March 18th. If your child never visited an indoor track, this experience will definitely leave a deep impression in their minds.

We have to report the number of participants—the parish pays for—by February 28th. Don’t delay and register now by contacting any of the coaches. Carpooling is recommended in order to avoid the dreadful LI driving. It takes about 30 minutes one way.

Progam on March 4th

  • 10:30 mass, set up the track,
  • 12:00 start of relays (200 m, 300 medley, 400 m), dashes will follow, time permitting,
  • 3:00 end.

I notified all past season track parents as well as the parents who have already signed their children for the upcoming season. The preseason indoor track meets do not require the track program registration. But if you plan to participate in the OLL CYO 2012 track program, you can register online at OLL Malverne web site. When registering, please, read instructions regarding the sweats and uniform order.

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