OLL Track Team Hosts A Meet

The CYO OLL track team hosted a home meet on May 22nd. Dedicated parents volunteered early morning to assess the track conditions. There were some scattered showers overnight and those could, possibly, leave water spots on the track. The track was also examined for debris and forgotten objects. John measured and marked odd distances, like 250 meters. The field group built a canopy for the medal and ribbon distribution.

While one group worked on the track, another group of enthusiasts was setting the canopy and tables for the food stand. Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagels from the Malverne bagel shop opened the day. Two spreaders worked continuously to satisfy the demand for bagels with either butter or cream. The coffee went fast. The cold drinks not as fast, as the weather was on colder side this year. The cold temperature had its positive effect, the kids were running faster and no runner suffered from exhaustion or sun burn.

The opening events were starting slooowly due to few organizational issues. Once the glitches were solved, we were moving fast ahead finishing the morning session on time. After a short break for the sandwiches by Antonio’s Deli we opened the afternoon session which continued without organizational problems. We were moving ahead of the projected time, so we could accommodate dashes. That is rare, because events, usually, run late. The fact we hosted 3 less teams than originally registered helped the organization as well.

The coaches congratulate to the medalists (every child won at least one medal) and express their immense gratitude to all volunteers who offered their helping hand at various locations.