After running leisurely at Panama City Beach without any problems, I increased the distance of individual runs to 6 – 7 miles and increased speed, too. I had a great environment for my training. We were staying at a house in Spring Lake, NJ. The living room windows have a direct view of the lake. When I woke up early enough, I could reach the boardwalk and watch the sunrise on the ocean’s horizon, then continue running along the coast.

We were staying at the house for few days only, but it was sufficient to increase the mileage to 40 miles a week. My mind feels I could run some races, but my body may not be up to it. So, I let all races I would love to run pass by (ex. Sands Point Preserve 5K).

My goal is to run the NYC marathon in November. I decide after the Ocean to Sound 50-mile Relay on September 19th, if  I am fit for the marathon. Then, I will run a local 5K just 2 weeks before the marathon—no other races. At this point I have to intensify my training on all fronts. I need to increase the mileage to about 55 miles, increase the speed to about 7:15min./mile, train hills and downhills, and strengthen the core.