After resting involuntarily for 5 weeks due to pain and swollen right knee, the knee returned to the normal shape. I felt I was ready to run again, but I was mistaken. The pain was back. I walked back the last mile from the Hendrickson park in Valley Stream. I have been postponing the checkup hoping I just could give the knee enough time to heal and everything would be all right again. It wasn’t going to happen that way.

I scheduled the appointment at the mega office of Orlin & Cohen of Rockville Centre. The doctor examined the knee which has not been swollen any longer. He pressed it at various spots and twisted it in various angles. Some spots and positions hurt. He took an X-ray and went over the pictures 15 minutes later, concluding there was nothing strange to see there. He said he would need an MRI.

So another week of forced rest has passed while I was waiting first for the scan and then for the results to come. I didn’t complain. At this point, I was reconciled with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to run without a doctor’s help. The visit at the doctor’s went as quickly as the previous one. The diagnosis was in short: Torn meniscus.

What does it mean for me? The doctor gave me 3 options.

  1. Live with it and don’t run, change activity.
  2. Run recreationally and if you over-do it come for a cortisone shot.
  3. Have the meniscus scrubbed if you want to continue to run marathons.

I thanked the doctor and left the issue open. I would have to think about it. I hated the idea of undergoing a surgery, but the idea of coming for chemical shots every so often was repealing as well. The option of recreational running was not as bad as it sounded. I have enough time to think about it.