The St. Boniface’s track meet in Elmont was unusual in many aspects. Personally, I enjoyed the proximity of the Elmont Memorial HS. I also enjoyed the moderate weather and breeze. It was refreshing after the last week’s heat wave at St. Anthony’s track. But what struck me as unusual was the unconventional order of events in the afternoon program.

The relays and medleys were mixed with individual runs. It wasn’t so bad after we got accustomed to it. Definitely, they could afford this anomaly, as the meet was attended by smaller number of  teams than usually. Especially the absence of the St. Raymond’s team was noticeable. They always arrive in force close to 100 runners. Should the meet be attended by the regular number of runners, we could face significant delays. Yet, we finished the group events at 3 o’clock.

We were able to put together only 1 complete team of our own. And surprisingly, it was the 7th and 8th girls. Some of them were partying the previous night at their graduation. Our decimated and mixed teams performed fairly well. Enjoy the photos and feel free to download them.

NOTE: Grades 4–8 no longer have practice on Tuesdays.