This was my 1st run after the knee injury (original post). I ran 5 miles in a slow pace. Being able to run again and actually enjoying it was a big psychological help. Until today, I didn’t run unless I had to run either with the group, or because I had registered to a race (see the post Father’s Day 5M in Central Park) before the injury. Today, I felt it was the time to run again.

The knee cooperated well. I didn’t feel anything unusual. My intentions were to keep running 5-mile runs for few consecutive days, to get my body used to running again after 4 weeks of forced rest. Then, I would increase the distance and keep that distance for several days before increasing it again. I would be running always easy. Only then, I’d start training for speed. July would be the month when it’s time to start seriously preparing for the ING  NYC marathon that takes place in November. Especially, if I wanted to achieve a sub 3-hour time.  Should the knee swell and the pain return again, I would have to adjust my plans for the NYC marathon. I added an update in the next post.