I finally registered for the guaranteed entry to NY marathon before the May 1st deadline. To confirm my commitment I ran my longest run ever, 14.5 miles, stopping several times for water splash and to replenish the water bottles. I ran in Bethpage State Park with a short extension past the parking lot at North. I ran 7.25 miles South to Sunrise Highway and back. I’ll do most of my long runs at this park, as I have time while I am waiting for my daughter’s class dismissal. It was around 80° so I took it easy and did it in 2:02. Although, I sprinted the last 2 miles, as I realized I was almost late to pick Amélie up from the class. I didn’t feel like I could have continued running for another 12 miles! I have a lot of training to do. Theoretically, I could repeat this 3x a week, but that is not reasonable.