I have to brag about my experience in the 2nd half marathon of my life. The weather was nasty – drizzle all the time and about 10-min. downpour at about my half way into the race. It was my longest run since my previous half-marathon—Greta’s Gallop in Central Park last September. I kept my pace steady until mile 7 when I was feeling as my strength evaporated like with a swing of the wand. I started laboring and slowed down. 7 miles is one mile longer than our usual group run. I really have to start training longer stretches. I red on the internet I shouldn’t think about running marathon if I don’t run at least 35-40 miles per week. I do 16-21 now. Conclusion: It was a good exercise. No pain-no gain. I finished with smile on my face. I placed in a potato position in my category with time 1:33:29.